Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Dog Clipper

Andis is a very famous brand of clippers. Every product they manufacture is the best quality. Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Dog Clipper also one of their finest dog clippers.

It is the upgraded version of old AGC series clipper. Old AGC series was a great hit among the dog owners. In this new version, you’ll find all earlier features with more perfection and comfort. So, you can buy this product for dog grooming with confidence.


  • Supports any types of coats
  • Any types of breeds
  • Professional,¬†powerful, and compact size
  • Detachable UltraEdge blades
  • Supports size 10 Andis and Oster A5 blades
  • Built in cooler and exhaust
  • 3400 – 4400 strokes per minute
  • 14′ long cord
  • switch lock functionality


  • Corded solution
  • Price little high for home use (but you can afford then you should buy this)


Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Dog Clipper is one of the favorite clippers to the professionals. Its ultra power can perform smooth trimming operation with maximum comfort to your dog. Start using this clipper, that’ll be your last choice.

Why Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Dog Clipper?

Andis ProClip Super 2 Speed Detachable Blade Dog Clipper - AGC2You should definitely ask this question. You must know, why not any other clippers in the market? What I get extra from it? Does this do something else than trimming hair? And why this is one of the best dog clippers.

Well, the clipper also does trimming as other clippers do, but definitely, there are some differences. These small differences in features create larger differences in usability and performance. Let’s see those.

2-Speed Rotary Motor

Its 2-speed rotary motor can produce both normal power and ultra power. It can create 3400 and 4400 strokes per minute in two different level. As a result, you can adjust the powers on your needs. When you are doing light trimming you don’t need high strokes. But when you are trimming a heavy coat or long hairs then you can easily switch to power mood.

Detachable UltraEdge blades

Blade quality plays a significant role in trimming. Your motor power will be wasted if the blade is poor. Even a better quality blade can make up motor limitations. So, to decide clipper performance you have to count both motor and blade quality both.

Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed uses detachable UltraEdge blades. The detachable feature helps you to clean and switch between blades very fast.

UltraEdge blades are made of stainless steel. You can always expect better sharpness from a stainless steel blade. And Andis AGC2 ProClip won’t disappoint you.

Wide Range of Blade Support

Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Clipper supports any size #10 blades from Andis. You can purchase some great blades separately. You’ll found CeramicEdge blades which are famous for low heating. You can choose UltraEdge plus which will give you more quiet and finest cut.

Even you can use blades from Oster too. Just make sure the blade size is 10.

Quietness, Low Vibration, and Comfort

Andis AGC2 series Clippers will produce very low noises and less vibration than others. This will help you to groom most scared dogs too. Sometimes dogs show a very strange reaction when they hear the continuous clipper sound and feel the vibration inside the coat. So, a less vibrating quite clipper will give your dog the maximum comfort.

You can check out this video to see its performance.

It has a built-in cooler and exhaust to keep the clipper cool and clean.

You can trim almost everything

Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Dog Clipper can trim any types of dog breed. Its adjustable speed can handle all types of hairs and fur. So from thick to thin, small to large, for any dog breed, you’ll need only this clipper.

Product Price

Product price is also not very high compared to other professional clippers. When you are getting all features combined in this product, can groom all types of dog breeds and coats then the price is very much competitive. Just imagine, if you had to buy 3 clippers for 3 different dogs, then what the cost would be.

You can easily get this product from Amazon at an affordable price.

Other features

It comes with 14′ long power cord. With this long cord, you can move the clipper around your dog easily. It has a switch lock, which prevents instant shut off. It boxed with blade cleaning brushes, oil etc too.

Your Turn

Now you should know the little differences than other clippers in the market. Please compare this feature with other dog clippers. We are sure that you’ll choose the Andis AGC2 ProClip Super 2-Speed Dog Clipper among them. we also highly recommend this product for both home and professional use.