Andis Dog Clippers Reviews, Best Pet Clippers From Andis

Andis is a very renowned brand for manufacturing dog clippers. They are manufacturing various tools for barber and beauty industry from 1971. Nowadays they are manufacturing some great dog clippers for groomers and dog owners. In this “Andis Dog Clippers Reviews” article we’ll review three best Andis dog clippers currently available in the market.

There are other dog clippers in the market. The main competitors of Andis dog clippers are Oster and Wahl. But Andis earned it’s space on the top among them by its performance and features.

List Of Andis Dog Clippers We are Going To Review


Why Andis Dog Clippers Are The Best?

Andis dog clippers are best because of different reasons. First of all, the powerful rotary motor produces enormous powers without any noise. The high stroke rate help to groom the dog very smoothly. Secondly, the blades are awesome. UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades are the sharpest blades Andis ever manufactured. And the blade materials keep the blade sharp for a long time. When you’ll groom your dog with an Andis dog clipper, you’ll understand how smooth it is.


Andis Dog Clippers Reviews, why andis dog clippers are the best


3 Best Andis Dog Clippers Reviews

Andis has a great product line of dog clippers. All are good for specific reasons. But we have sorted out three of them which are better for pet grooming at home. Criteria were price, weight, sharpness, power, cooling, and build quality.

Andis ProClip Super 2 Speed Detachable Blade Dog Clipper – AGC2

Andis ProClip Super 2 Speed Detachable Blade Dog Clipper - AGC2Are you looking for the best performance? Then, you must consider the Andis AGC2 dog clipper. This is the perfect combination of power and smoothness. In fact, AGC2 2 speed detachable dog clipper is the most successful product manufactured by Andis. It won’t let you feel the lack of power when you are grooming your dog.

This dog clipper is little heavy, 17.5 oz. But, it’s not too heavy to create pain on hands. You can easily trim your dog’s hair for hours without any pain. The extra weight is due to the extraordinary rotary motor inside the clipper.

The rotary motor has two stops. It can produce 3400 to 4400 strokes per minute. It’s too powerful dog clipper to cut the thickest coat of your dog. But, the motor is very quite. When running it produces very low noise. So that, your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

It uses the size 10 detachable UltraEdge Andis blades. UltraEdge blades are made of the finest carbon materials. As a result, the blade sharpness is awesome and stay sharp for a long time. You can clean the blade easily detaching from the clipper after grooming. If you want to try different Andis blades then you can do that purchasing extra blades.

So in one word you’ll get the perfect combination of power, performance, and comfort with this dog clipper.

Pros and Cons of Andis ProClip AGC2


  • Very powerful rotary 2-speed motor produces 3400 – 4400 strokes per minute
  • Latest Andis UltraEdge blades
  • Blades are too sharp and detachable
  • Perfect for any size of dogs with any coat types
  • 14′ heavy duty cord will give you enough space to move around your dog
  • Very silent and cool dog clipper with air vents


  • Weight 17.5 oz, which might feel little heavy while grooming small dogs


Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper Kit

Best Dog Clippers Reviews Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper KitThis is a medium range dog clipper from Andis. Andis doesn’t rate it as a super duty dog clipper. But, it’s good enough for home grooming. Andis easy clip Pro Animal 7-piece detachable blade dog clipper has a powerful motor that can produce enough power to cut medium heavy coats.

One thing I want to clear, if you are a professional groomer and looking for a high-performance dog clipper then the perfect choice will be Andis AGC2. But if you are mainly looking for a dog clipper for home use then this is a perfect choice.

Let’s see, what does it motor can do. This clipper has a rotary motor which can produce 3700 strokes per minute. It’s same as the Andis AGC2 lower stop. AGC2 produces 3400 strokes per minute at the lower level. Andis easy clip can produce more than that. So, you can be sure the power is not too much less than the AGC2.

Blade system can be chosen depending on your needs. It supports both UltraEdge and CeramicEdge Detachable blades. If your dog has a thick coat then you should go for the UltraEdge. Otherwise, for a medium level coat, CeramicEdge is enough. You also can change your blade anytime as it is detachable.

The dog clipper is lighter than AGC2, only 14 oz. So, grooming is much more comfortable. The same cooling technology and air exhaust used in this clipper too. Detachable blade makes cleaning very easy. This clipper comes as a kit.You can get this clipper in different colors too.

This clipper comes as a kit. So, you’ll get many useful tools for grooming inside the box i.e. attachment combs, guides etc. You can get this clipper in different colors too. And, all tools are boxed inside a hard case.

Pros and Cons of Andis EasyClip dog clipper


  • Powerful rotary motor can produce 3700 strokes per minute
  • Supports both UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades
  • Very sharp detachable blades
  • Very smooth for medium coats, with an UltraEdge
  • Comes with a 12′ break resistant cord
  • Very quite clipper
  • 4 attachment combs are given in the kit
  • Everything boxed in a hard case


  • Not for professional groomers
  • With UltraEdge blades you can cut thick coats. But It can’t produce the same power that AGC2 dog clipper can produce in the high-speed stop.


Andis Easy Clip Versa Pet Grooming Kit

Andis Easy Clip Versa Pet Grooming KitIf you have a small or medium size dog with medium coat then this lightweight dog clipper is the best choice for home grooming. This is a very cheap dog clipper from Andis. But, the performance didn’t fall too much. In fact, it’ll produce the same amount of power Andis EasyClip ProAnimal can produce. Its rotary motor can produce 3800 strokes per minute. Which is more than the expectation from a dog clipper in this price range?

This model is very lightweight. It’s only 9.3 oz. As a result, you can groom your dogs how long it takes without worrying hand pain.

The blade system is different of this clipper. In this model, Andis used detachable Steel Blades. Steel blades will definitely can’t give you the same performance a UltraEdge or CeramicEdge blade can give. But steel blades are also very sharp to cut the medium coat.

It also comes as a grooming kit. So, you’ll get some useful grooming tools inside it. The kit includes 2 blades, 4 safeguard combs, shears, oil, step-by-step DVD, and durable storage case.

So, we recommend this product for home use too.

Pros and Cons of Andis EasyClip Versa


  • This clipper also has a rotary motor, which will create 3800 strokes per minute
  • Comes with steel blades
  • Blade sharpness is very good
  • Perfect for medium coat
  • Ther is a push button to detach blade easily
  • Also a quite and cool clipper
  • Very lightweight, only 9.3 oz.
  • 2 blades and 4 attachment combs are given in the kit
  • Everything boxed in a soft case


  • Not for professional groomers
  • For thick coat, this clipper lacks power
  • The blade included is not the UltraEdge technology. But you can buy and replace the blades


Blade System Of Andis Pet Clippers

Most of the Andis dog clippers supports detachable blades. And, Andis manufactures different blades for different size hair cut. All Andis clippers we reviewed above supports size 10 blades which are cheap and available in the market. So, anytime you are not happy with the sharpness or cutting style of the blade, you can add another blade in your dog grooming kit easily.

Andis has different types of blades. Their latest technology is CeramicEdge blades. They also have UltraEdge blades which are as good as CeramicEdge. Both blades have carbon materials at the edge. The carbon materials help to cut dog hair smoothly and the blade stays sharp year after year.

Another advantage of carbon edge is it doesn’t catch stains. So, if your Andis blade will give you the same performance for a long time.

Blades are easy to detach from the clipper. As a result, you can interchange between blades in a minute. This feature is very helpful for professional dog groomers. Because they need to trim different types of dogs one after another.

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How To Use Andis Pet Clippers

To properly use a dog clipper you must learn the techniques. This is not a rocket science. It’s easily learnable. You’ll get thousands of videos on youtube showing dog grooming techniques. Here is a nice video explaining how to use a dog clipper.

Your Turn

We tried to explain every pros and con of some of the best Andis dog clippers. We hope our “Andis dog clippers reviews” article will help you to choose the perfect dog clipper for you. If you ask for our opinion then we’ll say, you can buy any Andis dog clipper confidently. If you are a groomer then don’t hesitate to buy AGC2. Otherwise, you can choose any of these three for home grooming.