Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper Kit

When you are looking for a dog clipper for home use then you must check out Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper once. You’ll found all professional features for home use. And you can groom your dog like the professional dog groomer.

If you have this product then you can implement innovative styles to your dog. You can give your dog a new look every week.


  • Detachable ceramic blades
  • Ultra sharp blades
  • Comes with 4 combs size 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
  • Silent, quiet and comfortable clipper
  • Powerful rotary motor, 3700 strokes per minute


  • For heavy use, 3700 is little low SPM
  • Corded solution


For home use, Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper is one of the finest dog clippers. You can perform almost all types of trimming from home. Different combs give you a lot of freedom to style your dog. So, we highly recommend this product for home use.

Why Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper is Recommended?

Andis EasyClip Professional Dog ClipperThere are lots of reason that we recommend this product. Many small features make it a professional level clipper. We’ll explain all of them one by one. Let’s see the features.

It comes with a detachable blade system. Which means, you can detach the blade completely. And can switch to different blades, or clean very quickly. It’ll support all Andis size 10 blades.

Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper uses CeramicEdge blades, which are very sharp and produce less noise. If you need sharper blades you can use UltraEdge blades.

Not only the blade system is better, but also Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper comes with a powerful rotary motor. It can produce 3700 strokes per minute. Which is very effective for fast grooming.

All dog breeds and almost all types of coats you can trim with this clipper. Its high power motor and ultra sharp blades are capable of cutting any types of hairs. You also can use this clipper for light grooming too.

Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper is very quiet and cool clipper. As a result, when you are grooming your dog, he’ll feel comfortable. You can handle this clipper easily. For more information, you’ll have the owners manual.

These are the main benefits of this dog clipper. And these features are the main reason for its popularity.


There are limitations too, like all other dog clippers. The main limitation is, it’s a corded solution. So, you always have to find an electric point to run it.

And sometimes when you’ll trim heavy thick coat, then you might feel little less power. 4000 strokes per minute are ideal for heavy thick hair.

Your turn

Now you know a-z of Andis EasyClip Professional Dog Clipper. We hope you can decide now if this is a good product for you. If you are looking for a good clipper for home then we’ll recommend this. Otherwise, for more powerful clippers you should choose a professional dog clipper.