Best electric fence for dogs reviews 2016

Best electric fence for dogs
Dog Containment System

Finding the best electric fence for dogs is little difficult because there are many features you have to count and finally, you have to choose the product meets your requirements. Our step by step electric fence for dogs reviews will help you to determine the best product for you.

What is an electric dog fence?

The electric dog fence is a dog containment system. You have to bury electric wire underground to create a boundary and connect to the main device, which is connected to a power source. Then the electricity will go through the electric wire and creates an electromagnetic field around the boundary, which creates the invisible dog fence.

Now you have to put a collar system on your dog’s neck which sends warning tone or vibration (depending on settings) to your dog when it approaches the boundary. This warning process is completely safe.

Which best electric fence for dogs are available?

Which electric fence is best for my dog?

Selecting one of the best fences through our electric dog fence reviews, at first, you have to know these answers.

  • How large your area is?
  • How many dog do you want to contain?
  • Do you own a stubborn dog?
  • How much complex your boundary is?
  • What is your dog size?

We listed three best electric fences for dogs but all are not same. So you have to know these answers and find out the best electric fence for your dog. Some support large area some little smaller. Some fences support unlimited dogs some limited. So all three electric fences are not perfect for you. Among them, you have to find out the best match.

Electric fence for dogs reviews

In above comparison table, you get an idea about the electric dog fence cost. Now we’ll review individual dog fences. We’ll show you detailed features of each electric dog fence.

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with WiFi and Radio

electric fence for dogs reviewsThis is one of the best invisible electric fences for dogs. It’s huge area support, wifi and radio built in feature, lifetime money back guarantee to fulfill public demands.

It supports 5 acres of area and can be extendable to more using extra wire and transmitter. The most beautiful feature is it can create custom shapes. For an example, it can exclude ponds, gardens trees from its electric boundary.

It has built in WiFi and radio, as a result, it supports wireless solution too and works like a wireless dog fence. It’s collar system quality also very good. Generally, it comes with one collar, but you can purchase additional collars to support unlimited numbers of dogs.


You can’t complain about the product quality because it’s one of the best electric fences for dogs. Friendly pet products are so confident that it offer you lifetime money back guarantee. If you feel dissatisfaction anytime, you can call them and ask for a return. They’ll return your money 100%.

Features of Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fencee
  • Huge area support. 5 acres built in. Expandable using additional wire.
  • Life time money back guarantee.
  • Wifi and Radio support
  • Custom shaped area can exclude ponds, garden and trees
  • Supports unlimited dogs (have to buy additional collar)
  • Competitive price
  • Quality collar system


SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System

Sportdog electric fence for dogsSDF-100A is another best electric fence for dogs manufactured by SportDOG. It has some stunning features like vibration only mood, long and short contact prongs, huge area support (up to 100 acres) etc.

Its collar system is very improved too. It comes with both long and short connecting prongs for long and short haired dogs respectively. It supports dogs weight 10 ponds and up, that means you can contain middle size dogs with this electric dog fence.


Here is the main feature list SportDOG Brand SDF-100A
  • 100 acres of are support
  • Vibration only mode with 4 static correction level
  • Improved collar system
  • Long and short contact prongs, so that it works with both long and short haired dogs
  • Supports medium size dogs (10 pounds and up)


PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence, PIG00-10777

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence, PIG00-10777If your have a stubborn dog then PIG00-10777 is the best choice for you. It is designed by PetSafe, one of the leading invisible dog fence manufacturer, specially known for wireless dog fences. Let’s know more through PetSafe Stubborn Dog electric fence for dogs reviews.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence collar has a higher level of intensity for hard to train dogs. It’s collar system has a tone only mood too for the warning to your dog. It works perfectly for dogs 8 pounds and up.

25 acres of an area can be covered by this electric dog fence. It’s not the maximum but enough space for a large playground. This dog containment system supports 14 – 20 gauge wires.


The very best features of this electric fence for dogs
  • Supports an unlimited number of dogs with additional collar.
  • Replaceable collar battery.
  • Supports smaller dogs too (8 pounds and up)
  • Very effective for hard to train dogs
  • Higher intensity static correction levels
  • Tone-only mode


Can you trust on these electric dog fences?

Obviously yes. We have researched every single product available in the market and choose these three electric dog fences. You’ll get the exact same result as our best electric fence for dogs reviews described.

Electric dog fence creates the hole less electric fence, so your dog is 100% safe with these electric dog fences. You have to be little choosy to pick the best collar for your dog. Because the incorrect level of static corrections may harm your dog.

To know more about electric fences for dogs, watch this video on YouTube.

Your turn

Now it’s your decision which best electric fence for your dog you’ll buy. But these are the best electric fences for dogs in our opinion. If you are still confused please read our electric dog fence reviews and product features once more and pick any one of them.

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  2. I got SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System.Installation was simple and straightforward but fairly labor intensive when it comes to burying the wire. I rented a gas powered lawn edger which was perfect for digging the trench….this was a big time and muscle saver. We laid the wire out in the pattern we wanted, hooked it up to the box to make sure we were getting connectivity and then I just trenched as close to the wire as I could get. We used a wooden paint stick to push the wire into the trench and tried to cover everything up as best we could.

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