5 Best Hamster Food, Top Food Brands For Hamster

One of the most fun pets in America, the hamster. Your hamster needs more than just food. It needs the right stuff and must be the best hamster food.

Our family as Your hamster gives so much to you as it plays with your child, amuses you as it scurries around the home in its little ball, and of course is a lot of fun watching it as it runs through it golden plastic tunnels through the living room that make up its Habitrail hamster highway system.

However, these little bundles of fur for all their fun have just a short life to lead. That’s why you want to feed them the right hamster food to prolong their life, so they will keep on entertaining you and your family for a long time to come.

That is why today we are going to show you the most nutritious Hamster diets that not only make your little friend happy with its fare but also keep him/her in the peak of health and vitality.

You might think that a few sunflower seeds and some grain are all it takes to keep your hamster healthy. This is not the case, as you are about to find out about what goes into the five of best hamster foods on the market that will excite these little furry critters fill them with energy to give you more fun. In addition, they also are scientifically designed to provide them with maximum health and nutrition as well.

List of The Best Hamster Foods We are Going to Review

1. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster FoodYour little friend needs the right food to keep it energetic and active. Kaytee has over 150 years of pet experience to know just what your hamster needs to live a long and happy life.

Made to incorporate only the finest natural ingredients they build on that by fortifying it with additional vitamins and minerals that ensure that your pet will be around playing with you and entertaining you with its antics.

This Hamster food also has pre and probiotics that ensure your hamster’s digestive health. It also provides different sizes to give a variety of textures and to clean and provide the necessary grinding that keeps their teeth healthy and sharp.

You also have added antioxidants that promote a healthy immune system to help you tiny pet enjoy being with you and you can be sure of the best food that provides for all your Hamster’s needs.

You get 5 pounds of the best in hamster food you can find today on the Net or anywhere else for that matter.


  • They like this brand and seems to be keeping them happy and healthy
  • You don’t get shorted with the Sunflower seeds like some brands do
  • For the price, this is an economical Hamster feed
  • My son’s hamsters love this stuff, and I confess I am addicted to the Sunflower seeds too
  • The 5-pound bag goes a long way
  • When it’s time for din-din the hamsters are waiting with bated breath or so it seems
  • This size package is the best bang for the buck
  • All a hamster’s favorites are to be found in this blend


  • Ensure that Amazon ships you a fresh bag.
  • If you get the 25 lbs bag move it to a sealable contain to ensure freshness


2. Oxbow Animal Health Healthy Handfuls Hamster and Gerbil Fortified Small Animal Feeds

Oxbow Animal Health Healthy Handfuls Hamster and Gerbil Fortified Small Animal Feeds30 meals in each bag, supplying everything your hamster needs to be satisfied at every feeding. Each hamster-sized bite contains oats, barley, and a secret ingredient that drives them wild, Timothy Hay.

Each nibble cleans the teeth of your hamster and not only that, doesn’t contain fruit or sugars that can cause tooth decay if eaten too much. Hamsters have a sweet tooth as well.

Instead, this High-Energy Hamster food has extra fiber that keeps your hamster digestive track clear of obstructions and keeps a hamster in perfect health.

You do not have to worry about any additives, artificial ingredients, and dyes that can adversely affect your pet’s health. Oxbow is free of all of that and only contains all-natural ingredients. And this very best hamster food ensures the needs of vitamins and calcium.

You have the natural your hamster needs to stay in tip-top and in hamster-wheel running health for years to come.


  • After starting on this feed, my hamster’s fur got that glossy sheen back she had when she was first brought into our home
  • A bit expensive but the health of my two kids is everything
  • They like it better than the other brands, and they gobble it down like there is no tomorrow
  • It has all the nutrition they need, and they are clear-eyed and energetic


  • Dwarfs can have trouble with the size of the food



3. Wild Harvest WH-83543 Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Hamsters

Wild Harvest WH-83543 Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for HamstersAlmost 5 pounds of a hamster’s favorite treats all in a single flip-top container, Easy to scoop out just the right amount of food for your pet’s daily needs, with this blend of grains, fruits, and vegetables.

It provides a balanced diet that ensures strong bones, endurance, and clear vision. All this means that not only will your hamster be healthily but filled with energy and happy at mealtime.

But in addition, to that, your pet gets the protein, fiber, and vitamins that prevent disease and makes for a long life. Enriched with minerals and other ingredients your hamster will be playful and wouldn’t have a care in the world as you and it enjoys life together.

Wild Harvest hamster diet has everything a hamster could ask for along with stuff you know they need for good health. You’ll see at night the little devil makes the bowl empty and wants more. So, I say this is one of the best hamster food on the market.


  • The quick close lid keeps everything fresh longer
  • More ingredients than you can shake a stick at and my Robo is in hamster heaven
  • Hamster get the basic vitamines from this food


  • Prce is little high



4. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food

Kaytee Fiesta Hamster FoodFiesta is to a hamster what a smorgasbord to us is, It has veggies, fruit, a variety of grains, and textures that give not only the nutrition your pet needs but also provides a taste treat as well.

However, this mix of wholesome natural products contains the minerals, probiotics, and vitamins that you little friend requires to live out a healthy life that will be fun filled and full of life giving energy. Therefore, you and your hamster will be together for years of exciting activities.

The entire package is sealed to give you maximum freshness, and when you open it, you can tell right away it this Hamster food is just the thing your pet needs in its life filled with antioxidants required for proper immune function and with no sugary additives that can shorten your Pet’s live expectancy.

Instead, your hamster will be brimming with vim and vinegar and ready to play with your children or yourself for as long as you like.

The hamster loves the variety ingredients it has:

  • Carrots
  • Dried Bananas
  • Safflower
  • Canadian Field Peas Ground Flax Seed
  • Ground Oats
  • Dried Papaya
  • Ground Rice
  • Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes
  • Dehydrated Apples

These ingredients make Kaytee Fiesta one of the best food for hamsters.


  • Robos are picky, but in this mix, they seem to have found what they like
  • Great assortment of food items and even picky hamsters love it
  • Contains natural mineral, vitamins, and probiotics
  • Very tasty


  • Feces may change color. But according to vet, it’s normal when you change food for your hamster.



5. Vitakraft Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Hamster Formula

Vitakraft Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Hamster FormulaDwarf hamsters have different nutrition needs than their larger cousins. That is why you want a hamster food that is specially formulated for a Dwarf Hamster’s special health needs. This hamster food has added Calcium, Vitamin D & E that gives them the extra energy to support their high metabolic rate.

Vitakraft also adds Omega 3 Fatty Acids to regulate and protect them from Free Radicals, which can impair your hamster’s health. This is a mix of everything your Dwarf hamster could need or want in their diet. That’s why we are telling this as one of the best food for the hamster.

Finally, bits of veggie give different textures and if your pet is tired of the pellet only diet that many vets recommend. You have found a product that your Chinese, Russian, and Robo hamster will love.


  • No sugar
  • Added calcium, vitamins D & E
  • Omega3 fatty acids
  • Lots of vegetable ingredients


  • Some hamsters might feel the amount of grain is little high.


Final thoughts

So, if you have a picky eater or are worried if your hamster is getting the right nutrition you will find in our review of the best food for hamsters has just the right blend of veggies, grains, and fruit in our selection of brands. They are filled to overflowing with healthy goodness while the other fit what vets recommend for a pellet only diet.

You have the five best hamster food blends from the best hamster food brands to make your choice from, depending on the size of your hamster and their particular needs and picky natures. A hamster is one of the pets for young or old and with the different brands, we have highlighted for you will make sure your little whiskered, big-cheeked friend will be staying with you for a long time to come.


Image Credit: Amazon