5 Best Litter for Ferrets, 100% Odor Control Ferret Litter

When choosing a litter for ferrets, you should have two things in mind — safety and odor control. Primarily, you need to look for absorbent material. It will have the best odor control. Wood pellets and paper compressed into pellets are absorbent. This will be some of your best litter for ferrets.

Pellets are heavy and remain inside the litter pan when the ferret steps out. They have little dust compared to other litter types. You can easily scoop them and are absorbent. This litter is cheap to buy.

Clumping litters made from plant materials is the best. These litters are more expensive. They also track more than pelleted litters. People prefer them because of the ease of scooping. Ferrets think this are snacks and will eat them.

best bedding for ferretsFerrets are not like cats. They do not cover their stool. Therefore, you need a thin layer of litter. They will dig out excess litter. You should fold a newspaper and place it over the layer of pellets. The newspaper will catch poop. It also soaks urine. Pellets will soak the excess urine. You should change the newspaper daily. Change the pellets weekly and rinse your litter box.

The more you clean your litter box, the fewer odors you get. How often you clean the litter pan depends on the number of ferrets using it. These pets protest if the box is not clean. They do this by not using the box. Place the boxes strategically. Ferrets are particular in terms of the available space for resting. They also dislike soiled litter. Males urinate at the center. You should increase the number of boxes if you have males.

They are other alternatives you may use. However, they do not control odor well. They include puppy pads and newspapers. You should place plastic mats beneath them if used. You should change your litter several times a day to limit odor.

List of Best Ferret Litter We are Reviewing

Product Price
Marshall ferret litter, Bag $5.99
Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding $10.98
Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding $9.69
Healthy Pet Bedding in Colors, 10-liter $12.10
So Phresh Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding, 40L $19.49

Below are five of the best litters for ferrets:

1. Marshall ferret litter, Bag

Marshall Ferret Litter, BagThe litter is very suitable for ferrets. It is dust-free. This is helpful for people with the sensitive respiratory system. It has high absorbency rates and odor control. This helps accommodate frequent use by ferrets. It is flushable, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.


  • It is biodegradable hence safe for the environment
  • You can flush it easily thus making cleaning easy
  • Its material can be recycled
  • The litter is dust free


  • Need extra care so that your ferrets don’t get medical issues from litter clumping.

Price: $5.99


Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding expands to three times its size. That means it will absorb twenty percent more than other brands. It is unique and its small size means you on space. Fine and soft beddings mean superior odor control. It is ninety-nine percent dust free. The material used to make it meets FDA standards. You can use it in any home. It is fluffy and soft encouraging nesting and burrowing. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding is one of the best bedding for ferrets too.


  • Expands up to three times its size. This means better odor control and more absorbency
  • Ninety-nine percent dust free
  • It has natural scent from lavender
  • Easy to use
  • It is durable


  • Babies can accidentally consume it
  • It works much better as bedding than litter
  • It is lightweight. This means it can fly out of the cage

Price: $10.98


Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Made from natural, reclaimed paper fibers. Odor-stop technology will suppress ammonia odors. Your pets and home remain fresh all day long. It absorbs more liquid than wood shavings. Your pets remain warm and dry longer. It is dust free hence easy cleaning. You will also breathe easy as you have a clean environment. You can use it as bedding for guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, and rabbits.


  • Ninety-nine percent dust-free. This ensures easy cleanup
  • Absorbs three times more than shavings
  • Has an odor-stop formula. This ensures 10-day odor control
  • Chemical free and does not have cedar or pine oils


  • Price little high

Price: $9.69


Healthy Pet Bedding in Colors, 10-liter

Healthy Pet Bedding in Colors, 10-liter

Healthy Pet Bedding is all natural and comfortable. It’s made from reclaimed picket pulp. It will ensure your pet and family is secure. It has long lasting odor control. It absorbs up to three times its weight. Its colors are fun to lighten the environment.

The litter is fun and easy to use. The superior odor control formula will neutralize pet odors. This ensures the pet’s environment is fresh. It does not have added perfumes and scents. The fibers do not fall apart. This makes cleaning easier. They also trap and contain liquid.

This healthy pet bedding is dust-free and non-toxic and fibers being natural to make it environmentally friendly. It is the best litter for ferrets that like nesting and burrowing. The pets dig tunnels and build nests for security. Larger pets will sleep on the top for comfort and warmth.


  • Extended odor control, ensures your air stay fresh longer
  • It is durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extra soft fibers protect sensitive skin
  • Compressed hence, occupy less space


  • The litter is not re-usable

Price: $12.10


So Phresh Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding, 40L

So Phresh Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding, 40LSo Phresh Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding is made of crumbled papers. This means the pets are dry and comfortable. They are also absorbent hence; you are free from unpleasant odor. Utilizes baking soda that helps neutralize bad odor. It is biodegradable and you can use in all habitats. This soft crumbled paper bedding is on of the best ferret bedding available in the market.


  • It has value compared to price
  • Biodegradable hence environmentally friendly
  • Your pets will love it
  • Easy to clean


  • Babies may accidentally consume it

Price: $19.49



For a complete odor control, besides choosing the best ferret litter, you must take care of following things too.

You should carefully choose the products you use to clean the ferret’s box. They are many products made for this purpose. You should never use powdered carpet cleaner. Airborne deodorizers should also be far from your head.

You should also be strict with the diet. Ferrets are carnivores. You should give your pet’s digestible animal protein. You should avoid carbohydrates at all costs. This will have a great effect on odor. Choose quality ferret food sold by pet shops. By doing that, you’ll certainly settle for the best litter for ferrets.