Do Electric Dog Fences Work With 100% Accuracy

Modern technology is offering us a great solution for dog containment systems. We call it electric dog fence. But the ultimate question of dog owners is, “do electric dog fences work?”. Obviously, you should know the answer before buying an invisible electric dog fence. Otherwise, your time and money will be wasted.

You might know how an invisible fence works, but let us explain a bit for those who still doesn’t know.

How Do Electric Dog Fences Work?

This whole electric dog fencing system needs two elements. The main transmitter and a receiver.


The transmitter is attached to a power source. And transmits electric signals. It can transmit in two ways, either with a wire or wireless. Wireless transmitters are known as the wireless dog containment system. We call wired transmitter electric dog fence.

When you create boundary using wire, then you can create custom shapes. By wireless dog fence, you can create a circular boundary.

Receiver Collar

The receiver collar receives the electric signal and tracks the dog’s position. Generally, a collar holds the receiver. That’s why people call it receiver collar. So, when the dog gets closer to the boundary, receiver collars sends warning to the dog.

This way an electric dog fence works. But still, we need the answer to the question, “do electric dog fences work with 100% accuracy”? Let’s find out.

When We Can Tell The Electric Fence Working Perfectly

To ensure the invisible fence is working accurately we have to make sure

  • There is no signal hole, no escaping point for the dog
  • The dog can understand the warning
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • The dog doesn’t get hurt by the receiver

Signal Hole And Boundary

An invisible fence creates a boundary perfectly. Your dog can find a week point of traditional dog fence. But an electric fence creates the same strong boundary everywhere. Because a certain amount of current passes through the wire. If you install a wireless fence then you know radio signal can pass through the obstacles. So there is no point of worry that an invisible fence boundary is weak. You can keep 100% trust on the invisible boundary.

Receiver Collar Efficiency

When the dog gets closer to the boundary, it sends a warning tone through the collar. But, if the dog returns back then the warning is gone. Generally when the dog comes 3-6 feet away from the boundary, the warning triggers. If the dog still tries to go out crossing the boundary, the collar sends static corrections, a lightweight shock through the collar. You can adjust the level of static correction.

So there is no way to escape. If the training is good then the dog will respect the boundary. And never gets close to it.

When Does An Electric Dog Fence Fail?

For an underground electric fence, there is no way to failure if the power supply works perfectly. Sometimes the wire loses the connection with the main transmitter. But this is a rare and exceptional case. If you install an underground invisible dog fence then you be sure it works perfectly. And we can strongly answer to your question “do electric dog fences work”? And the answer is Yes.

For wireless dog fence there ae few limitations. The signal depends on the landscape, trees and other objects inside the boundary. If anything can interrupt radio signal then it can interrupt wireless fence boundary too. But you can easily overcome this issue.

The Final Answer of The question “Do Electric Dog Fences Work”?

Finally, we can say a “Yes” loudly. We hope you also understand why and get your answer. Scientists invented electric dog fences with remarkable research and testing. So you can keep 100% trust on the outcome. So, compare the price of an invisible fence, decide which one is perfect and purchase.

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