6 Easy Pomsky Grooming Tips to Keep it Happy & Healthy

Pomsky is the mixed breed of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. They are the designer dogs that are gaining popularity day by day. The cute little puppies are playful and active. They possess high intelligence level but their physical characteristics are difficult to predict as they are the crossbreed of Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians. The traits of both are seen in Pomsky. They require a great deal of exercise and very comfortable in the company of the children.

The life expectancy of the Pomsky is 13-15 years approximately. It is important to look after their exercise needs. If there is not the proper outlet for its energy, then they will turn destructive and will suffer from various behavioral problems. It is important to take proper care of them.

Basic Pomsky Grooming Tips

1. Bathing Your Pomsky

Bathing your Pomsky is not the tough task. It can be the fun affair both for the owner and the Pomsky. Bathing is done for every one to three months. In summers, it is done every month and in winters less bathing is required. More frequent bathing will result in less shedding of the puppy.

Actually, bathing depends on how much time Pomsky spends out of the house if your dog spends a good amount of time outside the house then bathing is required once in a month. The Proper arrangement should be done to bathe your Pomsky. Tub, warm water, cotton balls for Pomsky’s ears to keep soap and water out, dog shampoo, towel, blow drying. But remember to use a natural dog shampoo which is perfect for your Pomsky’s sensitive skin.

2. Brushing the hair

Brushing the Pomsky will keep their coat clean and stimulates blood flow. It will remove dead hair. Bristle brush should be used to brush your Pomsky. daily brushing will keep your dog’s coat in shape. Their coat will remain free of tangles.

3. Hair clipping

Regularly clipping will reduce the risk of skin infections. For clipping, you need scissors, right clippers and trimmer. Selecting the best dog clipper is little difficult. There are different clippers in the market, Andis clippers, Oster clippers, Wahl etc. But clipper performance depends on the fur type. If your dog has a thick fur then you need a powerful dog clipper for thick fur and heavy coats. Some powerful clippers are costly. Among them, there are some cheap dog clippers too. But you should spend on a good and perfect clipper to keep your dog’s coat in style. Matting, tangles, and fleas are avoided by clipping too.

4. Trimming the nails

It is good practice to keep the dog’s nails short otherwise they would become ingrown. Smaller dogs have longs nails comparatively to larger ones. Pomsky is smaller dogs. Trimming should be started slowly. It should not be too fast. First clip one nail and then some reward and praise should be awarded to your dear pet. When Pomsky gets used to it then it will be easy for you to handle the task. Longer nails should not be cut down in one sitting. Make sure that you are not getting too close or cutting too much of your dog’s nail.

5. Cleaning dog’s eyes and ears

Not all the breeds require routine trimming and cleaning. The double coated dog breeds and Pomskies benefit particularly from regular trimming around the ears and eyes. Trimmer and scissors are required for it. Check your Pomsky’s ears for any dirt or dust. Cotton ball should be used for wiping. Gently wipe the inside of their ears with olive oil or mineral oil without touching their ear canals. Remove extra hair with the help of scissors. Any dry debris in the corner of the eyes must be wiped away with the moist cotton ball. The tear stains can also be cleaned by it. Use scissors to remove any extra hair.

6. Brushing the teeth

Use fingers to massage your dog’s teeth gently. The pet toothpaste should be used on Pomsky’s lips which will make him or her familiar with the taste. Once they get familiar then toothpaste can be directly used on their teeth with a toothbrush. Regular brushing is important. Carelessness will lead to bacterial infection and gum disease.

Regular grooming help in spending time together between you and your dog which in turn develop bonding. It will also promote good health of Pomsky. Even it is the way by which you can get familiar with all the parts of your pet’s body and if you notice anything unusual then you can consult the veterinary doctor. The healthy interaction between you and your pet will provide happiness to both of you. It will reduce the stress level and will provide sound health of mind and body to both of you.