Havahart Radial Shape Select Wireless dog fence

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3.5/5 on July 18, 2016

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129 reviews


  • Supports large area (400 feet in diameter)
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Minimum warning trigger zone (3 feet)
  • Motion sensor integrated in collar to reduce battery use
  • Portable
  • 10 years parts warranty
  • Safety time out feature enabled


  • Signal boundary interrupted when the yard is slopy
  • Rechargeable battery life is short (1 - 3 days)
  • No low battery indicator


Havahart Radial Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence is available in the market for a long time fulfilling customers needs. It can cover large area (up to 400 feet in diameter). It’s adjustable collar system supports different size dogs. This is one of the best wireless dog fence available in market.

Havahart Radial Shape Select Wireless Dog FenceHavahart Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence is available in the market for a long time. You can found lots of user reviews and discussion on Havahart Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence. A lot’s of dog owners using this invisible fence for a long time.

It works in the same way other wireless fences works. Its signal boundary is radial shaped (you can guess from the product name). It creates wireless radio signal boundary expandable up to 400 feet in diameter. To know more you can read our wireless dog fence reviews.

Why Havahart Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence?

This is a burning question, why I should choose Havahart and not PetSafe?

Every brand has some unique features. So every brand serves some special purpose. Havahart also unique in some features than PetSafe. Let’s see what are those features:

Wide area support


It supports huge area, 40 feet to 400 feet in diameter. PetSafe products only support maximum 180 – 210 feet area in diameter. So if you need to cover an area almost 11 acres then Havahart Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence is perfect for you.

The Larger area is better for your dogs to play. If your yard is large then why you’ll contain your dog in a small portion of your yard.

Customized correction levels

You can customize and apply different correction levels up to two collars. Let us explain.

Suppose you have two dogs, now if you want you can set two different correction level to two different collars. Sometimes a dog is hard to train and another is quite. Then this setting is very handy.

You also may have two dogs different in size, then you can choose the appropriate level of static correction for both dogs. This small feature helps you to prevent physical harm to dogs.

Boundary breach alert

The main device produces an in-house alarm when your dog crosses the boundary. This is a nice feature for when you are training your dogs. You don’t have to watch your dog always.

Best quality collar system

The collar system quality is outstanding. Lots of small improvements make the collar system perfect. Without a perfect collar, it can’t be the best invisible dog fence.

The waterproof collar gives maximum freedom to your dogs. No matter where your dog is playing, waterproof feature always protects the collar from water damage.

This collar is adjustable so that it supports different size dogs. The collar strap is adjustable from 14 inches to 28 inches. It doesn’t stop there. If you need smaller straps then you can buy extra.

The collar operates by a rechargeable battery. To reduce battery use the collar has a motion detection sensor. This sensor can track your dog’s movement. When your dog is not moving it automatically shut down the collar system and reduce battery uses. But when your dog is highly in movement then the collar keeps the communication with the main device continuous.

What components are boxed with the main device?

  • The main transmitter
  • 4 batteries (rechargeable)
  • 2 pieces water resistant collar
  • Power adapter to connect with AC source
  • Total 8 probs (4 for long haired dogs, 4 for short-haired dogs)
  • Battery charger
  • 75 training flags
  • Collar tester (heart shaped)
  • Training manual
  • Instruction manual
  • Screws and anchors


Havahart Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence is best for large yards or farmlands. Because it supports huge area. But also for a smaller area it works perfectly too.

If you have two dogs with different size, nature, and behaviour, then Havahart Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence is a good choice.

You should try this wireless fence because lots of customers are using this invisible fence to contain their dogs with satisfaction. We also strongly recommended this product.

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