Infographic – How To Install Invisible Dog Fence

No need to hire a professional invisible fence installer to install invisible dog fence. You can do it yourself. It’s not a rocket science. Following few steps and with the help of some tools you can do it yourself. All you need to give some time and energy.

Let’s get started.

Tools Required for installing an invisible fence

No fancy tools needed. The tools you used for home gardening is enough. You need a shovel, gloves, hand weeder, wire cutter, waterproof wire splices.

Tools required for installing an invisible dog fence


Invisible Dog Fence Installation Steps

How to install invisible dog fence


So you see how easy it is? Now your turn. Install the invisible dog fence yourself. If you want to know the cost then read our article on the cost of installing an invisible dog fence.

If you still feel that this invisible dog fence is difficult to install. Then there is another kind of dog fence available in the market. Those are called wireless dog fence. Then you can read our wireless dog fence reviews. Wireless dog fences are easy to install, generally takes 1/2 hours to install. Try that too.