How much does invisible dog fence cost to install?

You might be wondering about invisible dog fence cost and price. This article will help you to get an idea about how much does invisible dog fence cost and what is the best invisible dog fence for you within budget.

Invisible dog fence cost – Cheap vs Quality

Our intention is not to review some random cheap products and give you idea on some low-quality products. To get good quality invisible dog fence you might need to spend some more money. But if you can choose the best dog fence for you then the money spent correctly.

When we review then we try to find out the best product within budget. In our review metrics, the price is also a factor. So if a product with huge unnecessary features has a high price, we never recommend that product. Because if the features are not useful then that doesn’t matter to us. In this article, we tried to list the best value invisible dog fences. When you read the reviews you’ll get your answer of the question “how much does invisible dog fence cost?”.

How much does invisible dog fence cost?

Generally, invisible dog fence costs $200 – $300. But to install it perfectly you might need to spend $350 – $550 depending on the dog fence brand and model. For wireless dog fences, you don’t have to spend extra money to install. But for electric dog fence if you need extra wire or man power then you need to spend extra money.

Every invisible dog fence comes with a shock collar (some products comes with two collars). So if the numbers of the pet are more than one then you have to purchase an extra collar for your dog. A shock collar costs around  $100 – $150.

Let’s summarize in a table.

 Type Package Cost Extra Collar Cost Installation Cost
Wireless dog fence $250 – $350 $100 – $150 Nil
Electric dog fence $200 – $300 $100 – $150 $100 – $150

You see these are the most cost effective invisible dog fences currently available in the market. We not only listed electric dog fences but also some of the best wireless dog fences too. If you want you can read our reviews on the best electric fence for dogs reviews too.

Let’s see some invisible dog fence cost from Amazon

Maintenance cost of invisible dog fence

Invisible dog fence wire cost

Almost no maintenance cost for invisible fences. Invisible wireless fences never need maintenance. You just have to plug in the power switch and your wireless fence will be running. Every wireless fence comes with the standard warranty, some of them give your money back if you are not satisfied. So once you buy a wireless dog fence you don’t need to spend more money until the warranty period is over and the device is dead.

For electric dog fences, you might need to spend money after 2/3 years. Because electric fences use wire buried underground. If you use low-quality wire, or due to natural disaster your wiring may be damaged. In that case, you have to put new wire. But don’t worry, this is rare and it’ll cost around $50 for 1000 feet best quality wire. And you don’t have to change the existing wiring gets damaged.

Batteries and shock collar cost or it’s free?

Well, we already said that one or two shock collars are included. Depending on the collar quality and dog obedience shock collar might get out of work. And in this case, you might need to additional shock collars. Additional shock collar price around $100 – $150.

Check out PetSafe dog fence collar price on Amazon

You always have to pay for new batteries. But if you choose a collar runs on rechargeable battery then you don’t have to spend extra money for batteries. If you need to purchase replaceable batteries then you have to spend around $5 for a good set of battery. But the good news is generally replaceable batteries last over 1 – 2 months.

Check out wireless dog fence Battery price on Amazon

Training and other costs

If you have enough time then you don’t have to spend money on a trainer. Because every invisible dog fence boxed with a training manual. There you’ll find step by step instruction. If you still unable to understand by reading training manual, you’ll find many videos on youtube. To find out some great training video list click here.

If you don’t have enough time then you can hire a trainer from your local area. Area to area varies the cost of hiring a dog trainer. But approximately hiring a dog trainer will cost $500. To search a trainer in your area you can use this tool.

Other invisible dog fence cost

If you need help installing electric dog fence then you have to find a professional invisible fence installer. And the cost will vary base on the location you are living. So we can’t tell you the exact cost of hiring a dog fence installer. For wireless dog fence, you can get help from the call center. And that is enough, yo don’t have to hire an installer for the wireless dog fence.

How effectively invisible dog fences are?

how much does invisible dog fence cost

There are two types of invisible dog fences.

  1. Electric dog fence
  2. Wireless dog fence

There is no complaint on invisible electric dog fence. Because it’s buried wire never left a signal hole. So boundary works perfectly with the help of best shock collars.

But when you are using wireless pet containment system then signal boundary sometimes may vary depending on trees, metals, and landscapes. Because wireless dog fences use the radio signal to create a boundary. So if anything situated in your area that interrupt radio signal then the signal boundary will work differently.

But dog owners choose invisible wireless dog fences for its portability feature. So when you are outdoor, in an open ground then wireless boundary works perfectly.

Our recommendation

So far you get a good idea on how much it’ll cost to use an invisible dog fence. We described all costs are related to invisible dog fence. So now you can decide your own which one you should buy. You should definitely use an invisible dog fence. Our suggestion will don’t go for the cheapest option. It’s mostly one-time investment, and you should invest on the best invisible dog fence that fulfills your needs.


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