MaxShop Low Noise Cordless Dog Clipper Set (Gold+Black)

Sometimes a new product gets customer attention slowly because well-known brands already occupying the market. Same thing happened for Maxshop Low Noise Cordless Dog Clipper Set also. But now it’s getting customer attention. And earning its position among the best dog clippers.

This is a very good dog clipper for home use. It’s very effective for grooming any types of dog breeds having medium types of coat. It’s long lasting titanium blade will help to trim your dog’s extra hair smoothly. We can’t explain all its feature on the paper. If you use that you can see practically. That’s why we recommend this product for home use.


  • Low vibration and low noise motor. (50db normal working noise)
  • Copper spindle
  • Cordless clipper, on full charge, runs 70 minutes non-stop
  • Titanium blade combined with ceramic movable blade
  • Blade stays sharper for a long time
  • Comes with 4 adjustable clipping combs


  • To cut long hair you have to cut the extra hair by a scissor first
  • For heavy coat direct cutting is difficult


Maxshop Low Noise Cordless Dog Clipper Set is one of the best dog clippers in the market. It’s a new product getting customer attention day by day. We recommend using this product for your dog grooming.

Best Features of Maxshop Low Noise Cordless Dog Clipper Set

Low Noise Powerful Motor

It has a very powerful motor which can produce tremendous power when you are trimming your dog’s fur. But it produces very low sound comparing to the power. You can hear 50 dB working noise when you are running this clipper. Which is very low. As a result, your pet doesn’t become afraid of the Clipper.

It has a copper spindle, which is more steady and accurate. It delivers the torque from the motor to blade.

Cordless Clipper with Rechargeable Battery

Maxshop Low Noise Cordless Dog Clipper Set comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery took 5 hours to get fully charged. After a full charge, you can run the clipper for 70 minutes continuously. As a result, with a fully charged battery, you can take this clipper anywhere and can trim almost 3 dogs one after another.

Sharp Titanium Blade

The blade material is titanium. The titanium blade is combined with a copper movable blade. Titanium blades don’t get rusty. It stays sharper for a long time. It comes with 4 clipping combs of different sizes. With these combs, you can give different looks to your dog.


There is a limitation also. Before you start trimming long hair, you have to cut the extra hair of your dog using a scissor.

Final Words

Finally, we’ll say, Maxshop Low Noise Cordless Dog Clipper Set is a great dog clipper comparing its price. You get almost every good feature of the best dog clipper. So hurry up, before stock runs out, grab your piece.