Which one is the best wireless dog fence system?

Hundreds of wireless dog fences are available in the market from a different brand. All have lots of features. So naturally you might ask, which one is the best wireless dog fence system. In this article, we’ll show you the best wireless dog fence for you based on your needs.

Should I buy the most expensive wireless dog fence?

Definitely not at this moment. If you have enough money then you’ll tons of places where you can use it best. But why do you spend unnecessarily? Event the most expensive, the best wireless dog fence available in the market might not be so perfect for you. Because your needs and dog fence feature should match. And it can be matched by a cheap fence too.

At first, you have to know what you need. What most you can get from a wireless pet containment system. Finally, you can decide which wireless dog fence is perfect for you.

Then how can I choose the best wireless dog fence system for me?

It’s not a rocket science. We’ll guide you to get there so that you can decide your own. To get there you have to know about some wireless dog fences currently available in the market.

Because every wireless dog fence has it’s own features. So every fence is different. Finally, the dog fence serves your needs most, we can tell that one is the best wireless dog fence system for you.

What different features wireless dog fences have?

There are several differences in features.

Portability: One of the main reason to use a wireless dog fence is portability. That means if you are going out you can take the fence with you, as a result you don’t have to carry a cage for your dog.

Boundary: The area a wireless system can cover is different for different products. Generally, a wireless dog fence system covers an area 180 feet to 400 feet in diameter.

Number of dogs supported: Total number of dogs supported by the wireless fence system.

Collar quality: Most of the wireless fence brands use the best quality collar now. But still some minor differences in batteries, correction levels etc.

Let’s see some wireless fences

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Are you surprised? You should be. Because we were trying to find out the best wireless dog fence system. But this list contains three.

Ok, let me clear. Here each wireless fence system is best in a way. But among these three only one will match your needs best. Finally, you’ll get one wireless fence system that is best for you.


We’ll break down your needs

Generally, dog owners search for three features in a wireless dog fence system. What are those?

  1. Portability
  2. Maximum area coverage
  3. Unlimited numbers of dog support

Now check if any of this feature you are looking for. If not, then you can send us an email from here describing your needs. Then we’ll recommend the best wireless dog fence system for you.

Which one is best for what feature?

Yes, it’s time to tell you which wireless fence system have what feature.



For easy portability PetSafe Free to roam is best wireless dog fence system. Why? Because it’s very light weight. So easy to carry from one place to another. It can cover an area of minimum 40 feet in diameter to 180 feet in diameter. So you can easily adjust your boundary according to the place you are roaming.

It uses best shock collars with replaceable batteries. And the battery runs over a month. So you don’t have to worry about battery charging when you are roaming a place doesn’t have a power source.

If you are looking for portability then you should buy this wireless fence system.

Maximum area coverage

Havahart radial shape wireless dog fence will give you the maximum area coverage. It can create an invisible boundary 400 feet in diameter for your dog. It is very suitable for large playgrounds and farm houses.

It boxed with two collars. So by default you can contain two dogs by this wireless fence system. You can purchase additional collars if you need.

This product is available in the market for a long time. So you don’t have to think about other qualities. Definitely, it’ll satisfy you.


Unlimited numbers of dog support


PetSafe PIF-300 supports unlimited numbers of dogs. It is the best seller wireless dog fence system recently. Thousands of good reviews are available online. So this one will be the most reliable wireless dog fence system for you.

It is also portable, but not best if you travel much. So if you want to take it with you occasionally then you can.

The collar system is very nice too. 5 static correction level with a tone only mood also added extra quality. So to use it in-house and occasionally portable with unlimited numbers of dog support, it is the best wireless dog fence system.

What about other features of a wireless dog fence system?

Other features are mostly same in all these three wireless dog fence systems. i.e waterproof collar, AC power support, training, easy installation. The other differences are very minimal, so you can ignore those.

Final words

We hope now you can find the best wireless dog fence system alone. If you can, then this article is successful. We tried to break down every feature and recommend the best match. Because if the wireless fence doesn’t fulfill your needs then no matter it is the best one or expensive one. For you, that will be a waste of money and time.

So please read our reviews and finally decide.

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