Oster Power Max 2-Speed Clippers 78004-011

2-speed clippers are customer favorite from the beginning. But there was no 2-speed clipper under $100. Then, Oster Power Max 2-Speed Clipper comes in the market under $100 price tag. And from the beginning, it was a great hit among dog owners. You’ll found so many reviews at amazon on Oster Power Max.

Oster mostly manufactures professional dog clippers. But they have few all in one use dog clippers too. This clipper is the best among those few clippers.


  • 2-speed clipper under $100
  • High-performance motor produces 3700 – 4200 strokes per minute
  • CryogenX detachable blade
  • AgION antimicrobial coating on the blade
  • 20% lighter than Oster A5 clippers
  • Rubber coated grip
  • Quiet clipper with cooling technology


  • Less power than Oster A5
  • Corded clipper


Oster Power Max 2-Speed Clipper is the most powerful clipper for home use. This clipper has most of the pro features at an affordable price under $100. We recommend this 2-speed clipper for all types coat and breed at your home.

Features of Oster Power Max 2-Speed Clippers

We already said this clipper has a two-speed position. That means it can produce lower power in one position, and higher power in another. At the lower speed position, it produces 3700 strokes per minute. And at the higher speed position, it can produce 4200 strokes per minute. As a result, you can trim any types of hair using these two-speed positions.

Oster uses same CryogenX detachable blade as like as Oster A5. This blade material keeps the blade very sharp for a long time. And detachable blade gives you the power of switching different blades and cleaning very fast. So, your clipper becomes more versatile in uses.

Sometimes bacteria attacks on the blade surface. To keep the blade bacteria free Oster gave an AgION antimicrobial coating on the blade.

The whole system runs producing very low sound. And also very cool. As a result, your dog feels very comfortable during the grooming session. Few dogs are afraid of high clipper noise. You can groom those dogs effectively also.

It’s a corded clipper. A long cord is provided by the manufacturer. Using this long cord you can easily move around your dog to perform the finest trimming.

Lastly, we can say that this is one of the best dog clippers for a smooth grooming. Start using this, you’ll be a fan of this clipper.

Final Words

We hope you know everything about Oster Power Max 2-Speed Clipper now. This is the best mid-level professional clipper for dogs. We highly recommend this product both for home and professional use.