PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay + Play wireless dog fence is the improved version of PetSafe PIF 300. The problems reported with the version PIF 300 are improved in this version. The collar system also improved in this version. As a result, all these improvements made this version one of the best wireless dog fences.


  • Portable
  • Installation takes 1-2 hours
  • Quick recharge
  • Covers 210 feet area in diameter
  • Improved lightweight collar
  • Collar uses rechargeable battery
  • 5 correction level
  • Support small dogs (5 pounds and up)


  • Signal accuracy varies depending on the landscape, trees
  • Signal boundary always circular, can’t create custom shaped complex boundary

Price: $299.95

PetSafe Stay + Play Vs PetSafe PIF 300

If you compare PetSafe Stay + Play with PIF 300 then you’ll see there are many improvements made.

Area: PIF 300 can create maximum signal boundary 180 feet in diameter. But PetSafe Stay + Play can little larger signal boundary. It can create a circular signal boundary 210 feet in diameter.

Power: There are a lot of improvement in power supply too. It boxed with an adapter to connect with AC current source (same as PIF 300). But PetSafe Stay + Play uses rechargeable batteries. And in a short time, it gets fully charged. As a result, it increases the portability of the wireless fence. You can easily take the wireless fence with you.

Collar System: There are several improvements made in collar system too. This time, the collar is lightweight and adjustable for small dogs too. It supports dog weight 5 pounds and up. The collar is adjustable from 6 inches to 28 inches. This time, collar system also use rechargeable batteries.

Why you should choose Petsafe Stay + Play


pet-safe stay and play dog playing

The best feature of all PetSafe wireless fence products is simplicity. You can’t expect more simplicity than this. To install you just have to follow few steps. Just power the main transmitter and adjust the signal boundary using a knob in the main device is enough to install signal boundary. Then put the collar on your dog’s neck and start training.

Training is also very easy because the package comes with 50 training flags and a training manual. You have to follow the guideline listed in the training manual.

Still confused? Just call the call center number, a representative is always ready to solve your problems.

Rechargeable batteries

PetSafe Stay + Play uses rechargeable batteries for both main device and collar. As a result, you don’t have to spend extra money changing battery often. You can recharge the batteries before you go out or after a certain time.

This feature makes this wireless fence portable. With rechargeable batteries, you can take the fence with you and the containment system stays active till the battery last.

Smaller dog support

An incorrect signal level is very harmful to your dog. And for smaller dogs, the correction level should be minimum. Otherwise, the collar can cause serious damage to your dog.

PetSafe Stay + Play collars were designed very carefully so that it can work on a smaller dog too without harming. And the end result is it supports smaller dogs too (5 pounds and up). The 5 correction levels are very minimum so that it doesn’t harm your dog.

When your dog is well trained then you can use the tone only mode too. Until then you can use 4 static correction levels and adjust according to your needs.

Here I a nice video recorded by a PetSafe user showing the usage practically on youtube.

Disadvantages of PetSafe Stay + Play wireless fence

The common disadvantages of wireless dog fences are a circular signal boundary. And PetSafe Stay + Play also have this limitation. You can’t expect a complex boundary from a wireless fence. It always produces circular boundary and same distance to all direction from the transmitter.

To get a complex boundary please choose an electric dog fence. You can read our best invisible dog fence reviews to compare everything at the same place.

The wireless signal also gets interrupted when your area contains huge trees, too many ups and downs and strong magnetic field.

PetSafe products designed to use in the USA only. So you’ll connect this device with 110V power source only. So if you want to use it outside the USA, you have to make sure the power source delivers 110V/120V power.


In spite of few limitations, PetSafe Stay + Play is a very good wireless fence for dogs. If you want portability then you should use this product. Because it works with 100% accuracy in a plain area. If you want to use it in the house that is fine too. Just make sure the signal boundary covers the area you want to contain your dogs and your dog’s weight is the 5-pound plus.