SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System

SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence SystemToday, we’re reviewing SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Electric Fence System due to public demand. The long name has a 100 somewhere, to denote its ability to cover up to 100 acres of space. The SDF-100a is our perennial favorite, boasting a sturdy and well-built collar and vibration systems to control your dog. To top it all, it also comes with best of class waterproofing system.

It is the best invisible dog fence currently available in all angel.


  • It has a very durable collar
  • The vibration system is also very unique compared to most dog fencing systems
  • Powers up to 100 acres of land–this is enough for most dog owners


  • Unfortunately, you can never recharge the collar battery
  • The control box doesn’t come with a battery backup

Price: $259.95

SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System features

100 acres of land

With this dog fence, you can run up to 900 feet of boundary wire. Furthermore, the basic system has the ability to cover about 1000 feet of boundary wire. This is considered almost twice the standard length offered by other fencing systems.

Quality of dog collar

Sportdog is committed to building top-most quality of dog training equipment. The collar is sturdy enough to serve its purpose for as long as the system is operational. In addition to this, the waterproofing capability is really good as it can handle full immersion in water.


When the dog attempts to get too close to the boundary, the collar beeps and vibrates to warn them. Sportdog uses a technology that engages the dog using one of its senses. The vibration system is very important for older dogs or those who have hearing disabilities.

Correction levels

Dog owners will get up to 4 progressive correction levels. The more the dog moves closer to their boundary, the more it adjusts to bring the erroneous dog back to where it belongs. The system also comes with independent correction levels. So you only need to adjust the corrections level on each dog’s collar. Users who want to adjust correction level use a coin to get rid of a small plastic lid that’s responsible for protecting the adjustment button underneath it.

Rubberized collar band

The collar consists of a black band made of rubber alongside metal fasteners. You close it the way you do with your belt. Some dog owners prefer the quick-snap style, but this one works fine. The collar also uses a 9V battery that will need replacement every 3 months.

SDF-100A’s transmitter

At the heart of Sportdog in-ground dog fence system SDF-100a lies a powerful transmitter that covers up to 100 acres of land. Unlike the previous SDF 100, the design of the transmitter has significantly improved. In fact, this transmitter is no longer a large plastic brick. It also features a curvy look and an industry appeal compared to its predecessor.

What dog owners are saying

Most people love the fact that this dog fencing system covers a vast size of an area. Their dogs have the freedom to walk around without feeling depressed due to space constraint. Most of them say SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System is a perfect pet containment system.

Final words

SportDog SDF-100A system is really good, particularly where users need to cover a larger area. It’s reliable and the transmitter is powerful enough to serve its purpose. The collars are also durable, so you get value for money. It’s definitely worth considering this dog fencing system.