Clicker Training Your Dog With These Four Easy Step

pet-safe stay and play dog playing

Clicker training consist of several basics including positive reinforcement, clicker conditioning, often called charging the clicker, accurate timing, and marking and repeating. It’s by means of these principles that one could rapidly start teaching your dog with a clicker with excellent results. First Step of Clicker Training The Second Step Clicker charging is the method […]

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Best wireless dog fence reviews and cost comparison

best wireless dog fence reviews

Day by day wireless dog fences is being popular to put an invisible fence which is easy to install and very effective. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best wireless dog fence reviews so that you easily can choose the best wireless fence system for your dog. Wireless fences mainly use a radio signal […]

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Steps To Start Your Career in the Animal Care Industry

A love of animals big and small is essential, as you will work closely with them in your day to day job. You will also be patient, caring and empathetic in order to work well with animals and humans. Your animal care qualifications can get you anywhere from pet grooming and dog training to working […]

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Andis Dog Clippers Reviews, Best Pet Clippers From Andis

Andis is a very renowned brand for manufacturing dog clippers. They are manufacturing various tools for barber and beauty industry from 1971. Nowadays they are manufacturing some great dog clippers for groomers and dog owners. In this “Andis Dog Clippers Reviews” article we’ll review three best Andis dog clippers currently available in the market. There are other […]

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Infographic – How To Install Invisible Dog Fence

No need to hire a professional invisible fence installer to install invisible dog fence. You can do it yourself. It’s not a rocket science. Following few steps and with the help of some tools you can do it yourself. All you need to give some time and energy. Let’s get started. Tools Required for installing […]

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